Hey everyone, I’m Bridget!


And yes, I have a backpack. One backpack. And that ONE backpack is supposed to last this chronic over-packer, first-time solo traveler through a third of a year, three continents and at least 15 countries.

I’m no expert backpacker. Actually, I’ve never “backpacked” anywhere except maybe to class. Bridge & A Backpack is therefore a chronicle of all my likely (mis)adventures and mistakes I’m going to make, and a learning experience for the inexperienced minimalist traveler. Everyone has to start somewhere, right?

Just a little bit about myself–I’m a recent college graduate from UMass Amherst with a degree in Journalism, a minor in Political Science, two years of bartending experience and an entire apartment’s worth of stuff with no apartment to put it in anymore. I love dogs, and have been known to go up and pet random ones on the street. I frequently skip dinner in favor of dessert. And I’ve written a lot of news pieces for Her Campus over the past two years.

Let’s go on an adventure!